A clear primer on the basics of this emerging field What is nanotechnology? What does it do, and why is it expected to have a significant impact on our lives? These seemingly simple questions do not have easy, direct answers. There are so many aspects to nanotechnology that the uninitiated often find it challenging to begin to understand and appreciate it. Introduction to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology explains the basics in clear language, even to those who do not have a scientific background. It reveals the present state of the art and latest applications in nanotechnology, makes estimates of where the technology is headed, and predicts what will be possible in the future. The book begins by addressing how small the nanometer length scale is in comparison to macroscopic objects and why it is special. From a discussion of naturally occurring nanoparticles and nanoparticles composed of carbon, the book then presents the tools of nanotechnology that can build, image, and...

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