I wrote this Course in order to explain the history and mechanics of the international financial markets to readers who know little, or nothing, of those markets, and who are looking at them for the first time. While this Course is intended to be a first introduction, it covers all the International Financial Markets with some detail. I have summarized the history of each, starting with the history of money itself, an how it evolved from a tangible assett in antiquity, to the "virtual" money we use today. My aspiration is that, with this Course, somebody totally ignorant in financial matters, may obtain, without undue effort, a good understanding of the mechanics of those markets; and in addition, acquire a set of useful guidelines for the management of financial investments. I believe this basic education will prove useful to those considering entering the world of finance as professionals , and also, to investors who only wish to acquire a better understanding of the risks and opportunities afforded by the International Financial Markets

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