Intuition is a natural ability we use every day, often without realizing it. And yet, it is a skill we can develop to a much higher degree -- one that can bring sophisticated insight, a richer life experience, and an understanding of the new ""energy reality,"" or Intuition Age, we are all beginning to enter. In The Intuitive Way, Penney Peirce, a pioneer in the field of intuition development, outlines an easy-to-use, comprehensive, ten-step course that takes you straight into your inner knowing. When intuition is active, life becomes magical and is filled with synchronicity, creative flow, accurate choices, and abundant knowledge. Since its first release, this foundational book has shown readers around the world that their intuition is an accessible, powerful tool that can not only improve success in both personal life and business, but can also bring great spiritual comfort and revelation of higher truth and compassion. Working through The Intuitive Way with the help of the course's intuition diary, troubleshooting tips, affirmations, and experiential exercises, you'll soon notice the benefits of active intuition: A positive attitude Attention to detail while seeing the big picture Synchronicity and good luck Increased creativity and imagination Greater efficiency with less effort Faith in your own insights The ability to be present to your soul's purpose

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