There are two main types of bladder cancer: superficial and invasive. The former is four times more prevalent than the latter. Superficial bladder cancers do not invade the muscle wall while invasive tumors do. Invasive bladder tumors have a propensity to metastasize and spread to other areas of the body and are more likely to be fatal than superficial tumors. Invasive Bladder Cancer presents state-of-the-art diagnoses and treatments available for bladder cancer that has metastasised into the body in a full color book with over 40 tables and 50 illustrations. It gives a comprehensive review of the subject by a distinguished international team covering epidemiology, screening, diagnostic factors, surgery, chemotherapy and post-operative monitoring. As this type of cancer is on the increase it will be of particular interest to office urologists, and oncologists with a specialist interest in urology.

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