This is the second edition of the Michael Orloffs successful practical introduction to TRIZ (Theory of Innovative Problem Solving) - a strategy and method for breaking out of rigid thought patterns to achieve truly creative engineering solutions. Gerry Altshuller, originator of TRIZ in the former Soviet Union, devoted his career to convincing engineers that TRIZ turns inventing into a controllable and systematic process. In this book, Michael Orloff , Altshullers former student, continues its algorithmic development and shows how to put TRIZ into action. Enabling readers to search for and find solutions efficiently, this book is of extreme practical importance to development engineers and planners in all areas of modern technology. Orloff not only explains the power and simplicity inherent in classical TRIZ, he further develops the methods with computer-aided innovations and Navigator refinements. The author's design firm is a rich source of the application of TRIZ in many technical fields.

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