Praise for Invest in Europe Now! "For over thirty years, David has introduced many investors to global interdependence issues through his newsletter and his educational and enjoyable trips to Europe as well as the rest of the global investment scene. In this book, long overdue, David and Vincenzo guide both the novice and the experienced investor on the journey of careful investing in Europe. In this book, David and Vincenzo guide the fundamentals of economic competitiveness, currency volatility, and tax considerations. This book should be the first book for the investor truly interested in proper due diligence before the first dollar is spent." —John E. Silvia, Chief Economist, Wells Fargo "David Kotok is that rarest of creatures on Wall Street: objective, creative, unemotional, intelligent, and curious. His kind visage appears too infrequently on business television, where he is a rare breath of sanity amongst the professional hucksters and charlatans. If Kotok says...

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