The solar industry is heating up. In the pasttwo years alone, more than $8 billion havebeen infused into the market, and 20 companieshave gone public. The best news isthat the solar market is still in its infancy,with plenty of room to expand. With anannual growth rate of nearly 50 percent,it has the potential to eclipse all other investmentopportunities.Investing in Solar Stocks sheds light onevery angle of the subject to help you enterthis booming market with knowledge andconfidence. Previously the realm of eliteinvestors, solar energy is now wide open toasset managers, institutional investors, andfund managers.From the science of solar energy to expertstrategies for building a portfolio utilizingsolar stocks, this comprehensive introductioncovers critical information about:Government policies drivingthe solar marketThe growth of solar energyinto a global industryBusiness models shapingthe industryManufacturing supply chainsRisk and volatility factorsPortfolio diversificationand rebalancingThe global economic collapseseffect on the marketA veteran player in the renewable-energyinvestment world, author Joseph Berwindexplains the investment principles of buying,selling, and shorting solar stocks in easy, engaginglanguage. He also includes case studiesof solar energy companies and useful tradingstrategies from the top hedge fund investorscurrently active in the solar market.A rare bull market orbiting in todays universeof bears, solar energy holds great promise forboth long-term portfolios and short-termgain. Use Investing in Solar Stocks to get in onone of todays few supercharged markets.

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