Practical, expert coverage of investment pricing methods for financial professionalsThis book on investment pricing methods offers accounting and financial practitioners and academics a solid understanding of the techniques and methods investment analysts use to price common financial investment instruments, such as commercial mortgages, private placement-bonds, mortgage-backed securities, private and public equities, derivatives, and joint ventures. Clarification of important terminology and an overview of fundamental concepts are provided for less experienced professionals, while in-depth and up-to-date discussion of technical matters offers experienced professionals expert dissection of more complex material. This authoritative and reliable guide features:PowerPoint(TM) presentation for teaching purposes available online at and up-to-date pricing modelsVerbal and formula explanations for all mathematical equationsTips on reviewing investment prices for accuracy or flawsInvestment type characteristics such as contractual provisions, cash flows, and risks for applying Statement 133 hedge effectiveness guidelinesBasic building blocks of investment pricing methodologies including present value methodologies used for pricing and evaluating common investment typesCoverage of complex issues including term structure of interest rates, determinants of bond yields and stock risk premiums, estimation of free cash flows for valuing a business entity, and more

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