Use your Flash skills to create popular apps for Apple productsThe new version of Flash allows you to export your developed applications as iOS apps, which can then be uploaded to Apple?s app store. Written by an expert Flash and iOS developer, this visual guide takes your Flash skills to the next level so that you can begin developing applications for Apple?s unique platform. Loads of screen shots enhance your learning process as you go step by step through the process of creating apps that rate well in the app store. You?ll quickly get up to speed on the special considerations of developing for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Takes you visually through the process of creating apps designed for Apple?s unique platform using the latest version of FlashPoints out pitfalls and shares best practices for using Flash to develop for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPadOffers tips for developing applications that rate well in Apple?s app storeUses approximately 2,000 screen shots to drill home the step-by-step lessons on using Flash to develop mobile appsIf you are a visual learner, then iOS Development with Flash: Your visual blueprint for developing Apple apps is essential reading for you to start creating successful Apple apps.

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