Build and maintain a converged multimedia network environmentSeamlessly merge the Internet with cellular and wireless networks using next-generation IMS technology and the comprehensive information contained in this authoritative resource. The IP Multimedia Subsystem: Session Control and Other Network Operations details the steps necessary to deliver Web-based content, VoIP, streaming multimedia, conference calls, and text messages across one integrated network. Learn how to transition to IMS architecture, communicate with legacy networks, control sessions using SIP, and connect subscribers to network services. In-depth coverage of the latest IMS security, business intelligence, customer care, and billing procedures is also included.Migrate legacy networks to IMS-based technologyUse the Proxy, Interrogating, and Serving Call Session Control FunctionsInterface with TDM-based, wireless, wireline, and VoIP networksHandle private and public user identities, domain names, and URLsEstablish SIP sessions and connect subscribers to network servicesDeploy reliable network, access, and user-level securityPrevent eavesdropping, DoS, message tampering, and amplification exploitsTrack services rendered and charge subscribers using DIAMETER and CDRs

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