Discover More Great Things to Do with Your iPhone 4S or iPhone 4!You already know how to do everyday things with your iPhone--make calls, take photos, enjoy music and movies, and play games. Now its time to take your iPhone to the next level and turn it into your home recording studio, professional-quality video camera, and handy computer for both business computing and personal productivity. iPhone Geekery shows you how to do all this, and much, much more. Youll learn everything from keyboard secrets and power-user email techniques to ways to jailbreak your iPhone and recover space from its file system.Get your geek on! Learn how to:Load and sync content from multiple computersUse your iPhone as your home and car stereoRecord your band on your iPhone--or use your iPhone as your backing trackTake stunning macro, telephoto, and panoramic photosTurn your iPhone into your main computerSecure your iPhone against water, dirt, and grimeShare your iPhones Internet connection with your computerUse your iPhone to control your computer remotelyJailbreak your iPhone and install apps Apple hasnt approvedPlay Genesis, Nintendo, and arcade games on your iPhone under emulationAnd lots more!

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