This book contains my articles from 2010. I have tried to examine some of the technical problems in the current oil and gas industry in Iraq. In the geology/geophysics and reservoir engineering section, I used the available information and in some cases, I estimate to fill the gap in the existing data.International contracts usually differ from case to case or from field to field; in Iraq, TSC and PSC still have unclear contract conditions and public information is not enough for the detailed calculation needed for exact NPV and IRR. Additional concerns are the cost estimation down structure and geopolitical strategies of Iraq.The management of the existing oil and gas institutions in Iraq is one of the most urgent problems the country is facing. The restructuring of companies and the Ministry of Oil is generally addressed in my articles. I have also illustrated many possibilities for the restructuring and reorganization of the development of managerial and marketing systems.In the rebuilding of the country, and specially, the oil and gas industry in Iraq, there needs to be more investigation into how to optimize the exploitation of natural resources for better economic benefits for all parties (the owner of the resources as well as International oil companies). The close cooperation between the Ministry of Oil in Iraq and the IOC´s and state oil should be open for reorganization and restructuring in order to benefit the entire country and to develop the process of integration in international markets.

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