This groundbreaking collection is a timely intervention in the field of Irish Studies. The collection interrogates the conflicts and coincidences of the postcolonial, the postmodern and the global at a critical juncture in public and intellectual debates on the boundaries of 'Irishness', and at a time of unprecedented change in Irish cultural, social and economic life. Irish postmodernisms and contemporary popular culture are often invoked in critical and public discussions as negative and corrosive spaces; in this collection, the contributors re-examine such valuations, making use of critical feminist, racial, queer, psychoanalytic and postcolonial frameworks in their analyses of Irish 'postmodernity' in the era of globalization. Considering local and global, 'traditional' and emergent 'Irishness' side by side, the collection redefines the ways in which popular culture in Ireland as well as Ireland in popular culture, are understood. From Fanfic to Orange Parades, from Boy bands to the Blessed Virgin Mary, from Celebrity Tourism to the Gaelic Athletics Association, the essays reconsider conventional notions of 'Irish identity', while exploring uncharted modes of Irish cultural production and establishing new directions for Irish Cultural Studies.

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