Aernie examines the propheticmaterial in the Old Testament and its relationship with the prophetic materialin Second Temple Judaism, Hellenism, and the early Christian movement. The subsequentanalysis of 1 Corinthians constitutes an investigation of the effect ofthe Old Testament prophetic tradition on Pauls self-presentation in 1 Cor9.15-18 and rhetorical framework in 1 Cor 14.20-25 as a methodologicalfoundation for the exegetical analysis of 2 Corinthians.Aernieexplores the influence of the Old Testament prophetic tradition on Paulsapostolic self-presentation and rhetoric in 2 Corinthians. The analysis ofPauls self-presentation examines the apostles relationship with Moses, theIsaianic servant, and Jeremiah in order to define Pauls position with regardto the preceding prophetic tradition. Aernie analyses Pauls argument in 2 Cor2.14-16; 4.1-6; 6.14-7.1; 12.1-10 then seeks to examine the influence of the OldTestament prophetic tradition on the formation of Pauls rhetorical framework.Aernies intention is to provide support for the notion that the particularlyprophetic nature of Pauls apostolic persona affects both his self-presentationand rhetorical agenda in 2 Corinthians

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