Apply Excel daily and smooth out life's wrinklesWho knew a spreadsheet could do as much for you as your favorite moisturizer? Become a Microsoft Excel Diva with this sassy guide and discover what hip IT Girls already know: smart is beautiful. Impress the heck out of everyone at work with your stylish reports. Do a budget and see exactly what you can spend on shoes. Get better organized. Who has time for dull technical manuals? Learn all of Microsoft Excel's secrets in this girl-talk guide.Welcome to the party!Relax, refresh, and reward yourself at the end of each chapter with fun, stress-reducing chats, like why soy Chai lattes are better than regular lattes. Don't miss these gems!* Meet Microsoft(r) Excel(r) 2007, the Louis Vuitton of spreadsheets* Join the conversation with these basic Excel terms* Learn the fine art of Excel formulas and functions* Dress up Excel data with SmartArt, WordArt, and other chic accessories* Build a shopping spree budget from scratch* Show off by adding Excel data into Word and PowerPoint(r)

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