This book isn't dependent on any single technology-rather, it provides a way to integrate the best, most efficient techniques from a variety of programming methodologies and presents to the reader a clearer view of how and when to use each technique. This book is a cohesive presentation of concepts and strategies which make complex software designing and programming look easy. It thoroughly conveys the keys to gaining complete control of systems and development efforts - for every role, and from novices to veterans.
The author designed this book to thoroughly convey the thinking which makes complex software development look easy, regardless of which technologies are used. This book is meant not just to reveal several fundamentally more effective ways of viewing software and its development, but to pass on an even more fundamental "feeling" for systems. These concepts are the keys to the best overall systems, especially given that a single application can integrate multiple platforms and languages.
Moreover, this book also helps to optimize the reader's ability to simply figure out things, new and old. It makes even the classic books much simpler and easier to understand, explicitly providing the cohesion and intuition which they don't. Iterating Infusion is truly one of a kind. And it's the kind of book which directors would require their entire department to read.

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