No matter where you are in life, you may struggle with issues of identity and self-worth. Are you one person with friends, another with parents, still a different person around teachers? What about all by yourself when you turn out the light at night? What does it mean to be authentic? To be wholly, genuinely, you? The It's Me study will help you grapple with these questions and think about yourself, your motives, your deepest passions.Featuring"live" dramas fromthe RevolveTM tour in combination with Bible study, the "Reel to Real Interactive Drama-Based Study Series" addresses the questions and issues-both serious and frivolous-that hit at the heart of teens. Designed for individual or group study, the It's Me participant's guideunpacks what's been exposed through the dramas anddig deeper into how to live differently in this changing world. Participant's Guidefeatures:Questions, Bible study, and activities for study on your own or with a groupReal-life stories from teensTips for youth group leadersActivies tobe artsy and interactive with the topicResources & itunes list (websites, books, online videos, and music related to the topic)For use withIt's Me DVD-BasedStudy(ISBN 9781418546274).

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