Most would agree that divorce should be as quick and pain-free as possible, especially when children are involved. After all, divorce can affect children in so many different ways, with damaging consequences for their self-esteem, behaviour, academic performance and even health."It's No Big Deal Really" combines professional advice, and first-hand experiences of the successes and mistakes that can occur when dealing with a family separation. Anne Cantelo provides a commonsense roadmap to avoid putting children in the middle of a divorce or using them to score points off your ex. Addressing questions like: Is divorce ever right for children? How do you know if you're doing more harm staying together than separating? What happens after the divorce?, Anne Cantelo shows how to minimise pain and upheaval on one's children.Highlighting the errors many parents make and the impact they can have on children, Cantelo aims to make divorce seem like 'it's no big deal really' rather than the end of the world.

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