The Symposium brought together many of the worlds experts in fluid mechanics, microfabrication and control theory to discover the synergy that can lead to real advances and perhaps find ways in which collaborative projects may proceed. The meeting website shows the high profile of the meeting (IUTAM sponsorship brings a very considerable cachet: keynote speakers are leaders in their fields; representatives from industry are from companies who have key requirements in flow control Airbus, BAE SYSTEMS, Rolls Royce, MTU, ONERA, Renault, Peugeot-Citroën gathered largely from the aerospace and automotive communities. A key driver was the improvement in flow efficiency to reduce drag, and thereby emissions arising from transport. One session was dedicated to industrial representatives offering views on current problems and the identification of appropriate MEMS technology to provide solutions. About 65 papers were presented. Academics from North America, the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Israel, Australia and China attended.

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