"Jack and Jill," which has been out of print for over a decade, was originally published in 1880. It was the last of Louisa May Alcott's eight novels for children that began with "Little Women." Subititled "A Village Story," it is set in Harmony Village, a fictional small New England town. The book tells the story of neighbors and best friends Jack Minot and Janey Pecq, nicknamed "Jill" because she is Jack's constant companion. The two young people go up a snowy hill one December day and suffer a serious sledding accident. The story follows the two and their friends through their recovery, through winter and spring holidays and activities, summer vacation, and back to a new school year. ". . they were just beginning to look about them as they stepped out of childhood into youth . . . There are many such boys and girls, full of high hopes, lovely possibilities, and earnest plans, pausing a moment before they push their little boats from the safe shore."

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