Steven Bullmer's mind was both exceptionally brilliant and singularly narrow in outlook. Every task was approached coldly and clinically. He chose his wife because of her athletic body and startling good looks. Once she became pregnant, she was nothing more than a breeding machine for his heir. But for the lustful beautiful Amanda, sex with its consequent affection was a necessity and so she began an affair with the handsome young gardener on the isolated estate. Once Steven discovered the affair, he approached it with his usual single-mindedness. As soon as his heir had been born, Amanda and the young gardener were spirited away to a Japanese castle, there to begin the torment that was to be their punishment. Pierced, altered with silicon, body building training and drugs, the young couple are put through endless hours of activity, pushing capstans round, climbing ropes, pulling pony carts - there seems no end to the devious tortures devised by the sadistic Japanese into whose care they have been committed! For Steven, the puzzle of how to punish infidelity has a Japanese solution ...

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