On her fourteenth birthday, Mira Levenson is given a very special present - a plane ticket to India, to meet her family. Saying goodbye to her boyfriend, Jide, is hard but they promise to write to each other, the old-fashioned way. As soon as Mira steps off the plane she is sucked into a swelteringly hot world of hustle, bustle, noise and chaos. Nothing is as she imagined it - her cousin Priya is far from the conservative Indian girl Mira imagined her to be - she's street-wise, stylish and a skilfull Bangra House DJ. In return, Priya is disapointed that Mira isn't quite the funky, savvy, London Brit-chick she's been boasting about to her friends. Mira's letters to Jide describe the new sights, smells and people in Kolkata, but there is one person Mira doesn't write about. Janu is a carpenter and grower of Jasmine and, from the moment she meets him, Mira feels a potent connection. As she questions her feelings for Jide, Mira is also discovering deep family secrets and beginning to understand the complexity of relationships that have stood the test of time. And, as Mira's time in Kolkata draws to a close, she must make a decision that will break someone's heart . . .

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