Discover how to develop full-scale J2EE?TM applications quickly and efficiently using the best Open Source toolsWritten by leading authorities in the field, this book shows you how to leverage a suite of best-of-breed Open Source development tools to take the pain out of J2EE and build a complete Web-based application. You'll combine these tools to actually reduce the points of failure in your application, while increasing overall system stability and robustness. Along with the tools introduced here, you'll develop the PetSoar application, which follows the PetStore application used by Sun Microsystems to demonstrate features of J2EE. With PetSoar, the authors focus on developing a maintainable and flexible application, rather than showcasing the end result, so that you can apply the material in your own projects.In addition, the authors provide methods for utilizing Open Source software components for each stage of the development process.The Open Source products covered include:* Hibernate to aid with simple,flexible, and speedy transparent object persistence* OpenSymphony WebWork to allow for pluggable view technologies and extensible configuration* JUnit and Mock Objects to assist with rapid and robust unit testing* XDoclet to assist with generating code and configuration files automatically* Jakarta Lucene to add Google-style smart search capabilities to data stores* OpenSymphony SiteMesh to aid in the creation of large sites with a common look and feel* OpenSymphony OSCache to easily cache slow dynamic sections of Web sites resulting in faster-loading pages

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