"JavaServer Faces" is a complete guide to the crucial new JSF technology. If you develop web applications, JSF belongs in your toolkit, and this book belongs in your library. "JavaServer Faces" shows you how to use the new JSF framework to build real-world web applications. Everything's here: how to construct the HTML on the front end; how to create the user interface components that connect the front end to your business objects; and how to create the deployment descriptors that tie everything together. "JavaServer Faces" pays attention to the details that are crucial to any real application, such as working with tablular data, for example, or enabling and disabling features based on runtime conditions. And this book doesn't hide from the trickier issues, like creating custom components or creating renderers for different presentation layers. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, you'll find everything you need to know about JSF in this book. Topics covered...

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