The goal of the JDBC Recipes is to provide easy-to-implement and immediately usable solutions for problems in relational databases that use JDBC. With JDBC Recipes, users will be able to quickly integrate these solutions into their Web-based applications, such as Java Servlets, JavaServer Pages, and Java server-side frameworks and programs. The book is written in such a way that users will be able to cut and paste the solutions without any code changes.
JDBC Recipes focuses on important topics, such as "database metadata" and "result set metadata," which unfortunately have been ignored in most other books on JDBC. This book will help users to develop database solutions (such as adapters, connectors, and frameworks) using Java/JDBC. JDBC Recipes provides elegant solutions for handling all data types (including large binary objects).
One of the unique features of the JDBC Recipes is that it presents JDBC solutions - result sets - in XML. With XML, a client can present data in different presentation media, such as hand-held wireless devices, Web browsers, and server components, in such a way that the solution can be easily used in Web-based applications.

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