Nineteen-year-old Jennifer wants nothing more than to pass her exams and go off to university - until her adoptive mother kicks her out of their suburban home in a fit of rage. Abandoned to a world of hardship and exploitation, Jennifer's middle-class upbringing has done nothing to prepare her for the manipulations of the people she encounters as she strives to better her lot and keep her virtue intact. Hopelessly naive and convinced those around her are inspired only by the sincerest of motives, she allows herself to become embroiled in a series of increasingly sleazy scenarios, until she must finally acknowledge the unpalatable truth, not just about the world at large, but also about herself. Throughout her trials her only comfort is a mysterious parcel which arrived on her birthday, and which might very well contain the solution to the mystery of her origins - or is it merely one more act of manipulation on the part of the arch-deviant himself, Lord Alfred Arthur Brockham?

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