Many events were staged and a plethora of new books appeared to mark the quincentenary of the birth of John Calvin, in 2009. But one area received considerably less attention in that anniversary year namely, Calvins ecclesiology. This study explores the development and fundamental legacy of Calvins perspectives on and relationship with the church. Contributions are included which explore the later development and denominational variations of Calvins ecclesiology, along with ecumenical discussions/responses to and implications of Calvins understanding of the church. There are further chapters which focus on particular aspects such as Calvins ecclesiological method, understanding of ministry, the sacramental principle, the invisible church etc. Contributions on the use of Calvins ecclesiology by later and modern/contemporary ecclesiologists also feature. This is a volume that brings together leading and emerging theological voices from Europe, North America and Latino America and from across the different theological sub-disciplines. Significantly, it also a book from genuinely ecumenical perspectives, with writers from several different denominational traditions contributing.

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