The various official releases such as Lennon Legend, Acoustic, Menlove Avenue and the John Lennon Anthology, containing previously unissued tracks which have been released since his death, have only really scratched the surface in terms of what is available from the John Lennon archives. In this meticulously researched book we examine the solo recordings of John Lennon including live concerts, demos, outtakes, home recordings, interviews and much more. This is a goldmine of information about the solo years of one of rock music's greatest talents. Over 900 entries of vinyl and compact disc bootlegs with track listings, a guide to sound quality, label and catalogue number and other information. Detailed Songs Index. List of sources and background information about the recording sessions, rehearsals, live performances and interviews. The story behind The Lost Lennon Tapes radio series with full details of all 218 shows. Details of ten important John Lennon bootleg albums you must...

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