Walter Thirring is the last offspring of an Austrian family of scientists. In this moving narrative, he describes how he survived the Nazi occupation and became instrumental in reconstructing European science.Thirring is one of the last living physicists who worked on the greatest discoveries and with the greatest scientists of the 20th century. He recollects encounters with the old masters like Einstein, Schrödinger, Heisenberg, Pauli and World Scientific Publishing Company as well as his collaborations with the present stars like Murray Gell-Mann and Elliott Lieb. The book presents the challenges faced when one of the major paradigm shifts took place, namely, the shift away from atomistic theory and Newtonian physics towards field theory and quantum mechanics. Every step is presented in clear, understandable language which reflects Thirring's extensive experience in training the next generation. Additionally, Thirring describes his fascinating and profound life experiences, growing up under Nazi occupation, serving in the war, striving to establish scientific excellence and in reaching out across the Iron Curtain. A true Renaissance man, he concludes by discussing his love of music, and it is clear that his passion for learning is only matched by his passion for music, a sampling of which can be found at work that inspires at every junction and is decisively re-readable, Thirring's autobiography is assuredly a must-have for anyone interested in science, physics and history.

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