Praise for Just–in–Time Accounting How to Decrease Costs and Increase Efficiency Third Edition "Most books on business accounting focus only on the accounting process?and never address the operational issues that impact it. Steve Bragg has delivered the rest of the story—the valuable insight and detailed information accountants need to help?them not only properly account for business activities, but to streamline and improve the overall process. Whether the practitioner is just starting up or is working with a well–established business, the information in this book offers real benefits to both." —Joanie C. Mann, Executive Vice President, InsynQ e–Accounting; Business Development Consultant, The Sleeter Group "Mr. Bragg delivers another essential reference for every CFO?s bookshelf. Just–in–Time Accounting is full of specific guidance you can use right now to save money, improve processes, and make you more effective." —Luella Schmidt, President, Fine Point...

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