This delightful book about the history of one of England's magistrates' courts also looks at the rich underlying backdrop of a part of the country that is central to the English legal system. The connection between Middlesex, London and Westminster means that it is packed with facts about such well known and interesting places and events as: The Old Bailey, Newgate Prison, Coldbath Fields, Hicks's Hall, Ludgate Prison, the start of the Metropolitan Police, Tothill Fields, Tyburn, the Gordon Riots, Clerkenwell explosion and Middlesex Guildhall now scheduled as the home of the new UK Supreme Court ... to mention just a few such items. From former times to the present day: plus 100 years at the Uxbridge Courthouse. Justice ancient and modern, imprisonment, bridewells, 'houses of correction' and intriguing cases from the archives - the life and times of the justices of the peace who gave up their time to public service.

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