James Oliver Curwood (1878-1927) was an American novelist and conservationist. He studied English and journalism in his youth, and eventually saved enough money to travel to the Canadian northwest. This trip would provide inspiration for his over 30 wilderness adventure stories. By 1922, Curwood was such a success that he used his new wealth to build an 18th century French chateau in Owosso, Michigan, which remains today as a museum. "Kazan" is one of Curwood's most endearing and popular novels, about a part husky, part wolf, struggling to survive in the harsh Canadian wilderness. He is constantly torn between the instincts of his two breeds, choosing a she-wolf mate and also befriending and traveling with humans. In the same popular northland dog story genre brought about by Jack London, "Kazan" is an emotional and inspiring tale for young and old readers alike.

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