Darcy van Aiken is doing very well, thank you. Shes an ICU nurse with an amicable divorce from ex-husband, Mike, two great kids, and a prescription for Ritalin. Then her older son, Jeremy, gets engaged to Cami Zander-Brown daughter of a wealthy New York family and her world turns upside down. The source of the trouble is not Camis elegant and accomplished mother, Rose. Nor is it in the form of Guy, her charismatic and wildly successful literary agent father. Instead, lurking in the shadows of Mikes new life, is the beautifully dressed and highly manipulative Claudia. The Zander-Browns have money. Lots of money. The plans for their daughters dream wedding grow more fabulous by the day, and Claudia is loving every minute of it. With her perfect taste, she cant help thinking shed make a much better mother of the groom than Darcy. This wedding gives her the opportunity to entrench herself in Mikes life, and take credit for the two sons Darcy has raised. Its a battle for supremacy, and it takes all of Darcys courage and determination to outwit the determined Claudia. What emerges is a wonderfully delicious, hilarious and touching read about family, friendship and human behaviour.

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