Teaching Assistants are increasingly relied upon to provide for children who experience difficulties in learning. Key Issues for Teaching Assistants is an essential companion for any Teaching Assistant who wants to understand more about inclusion and diversity in today's classrooms. While focussing particularly on the diverse roles of teaching assistants in supporting inclusive education, this book will be invaluable for all those involved in the development of inclusive learning and teaching. This highly accessible resource explores the values and the possible contradictions in policies and beliefs, enabling Teaching Assistants to develop a deeper understanding of the fundamental principles of inclusive education. Contributions from leading experts in the field consider common classroom issues such as: inclusion and special needs dealing with hard-to-reach parents tackling bullying and supporting those bullied boys, girls and the different ways they achieve being the class 'TA' not 'PA'. Each chapter contains an overview of topical debates, current research and initiatives, emphasising inclusive approaches and the importance of understanding the perspectives of children, regardless of their difference. Useful questions for reflection and a helpful list of suggested further reading material are also provided. Teaching Assistants, whether in practice, or as part of their study, will find this book an indispensable resource.

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