The Ultimate Sales Boot CampAccording to research by the American Society American Society for Training & Development, more than 80% of salespeople fail to reach their objectives. With such a high percentage of salespeople missing their mark, something is obviously missing.Kick Your Own Ass empowers you to fill this gap by focusing on, not only your selling process and your skills development, but also your self-confidence, motivation, and your life and career. These three critical elements together are called the Will, Skill, and Drill of selling. In Kick Your Own Ass, youll find out how to build them up withInnovative ways to take responsibility for your successA simple five-step process for goal-setting and attainmentA core-selling and communication methodology based on creating awareness and choice for the client, which results in happier customer relationshipsAs the title suggests, Kick Your Own Ass isnt for those who like to take the easy way out, leave the job half-done, or otherwise slack off. So if you're ready to really take your selling to the next level, get this book and get kicking!

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