Philosophy's greatest luminaries brought down to earth.Kierkegaard Within Your Grasp offers fast, easy access to the life and works of the legendary architect of existentialism. In fewer than 100 pages, you'll get all the essentials in everyday language. A short biographical sketch sets the scene, followed by chapters illuminating Kierkegaard's overall philosophy and his most important writings.For students and lifelong learners seeking an entry point into this remarkably prolific thinker's social commentary, Kierkegaard Within Your Grasp is the springboard to enriched understanding.Inside you'll find all the vital details, including:Life* Family and upbringing* Religion-from influence to critique* The Copenhagen intellectual scenePhilosophy* Overview of key works, themes, and impact* Perspectives on faith, individualism, literature, and psychology* Individual chapters on Either/Or, Fear and Trembling, Philosophical Fragments, The Concept of Dread, and Concluding Unscientific PostscriptAdditional Resources* Tracking down Kierkegaard's major works* Collections, biographies, and critical writings* Kierkegaard on the InternetGet a grip-Kierkegaard is within your grasp!

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