The only book that teaches you how to program Kinect to do awesome things using a unique selection of open source software!The Kinect motion-sensing device for the Xbox 360 and Windows became the worlds fastest selling consumer electronics device when it was released (8 million sold in its first 60 days) and won prestigious awards, such as "Gaming Gadget of the Year." Now Kinect Open Source Programming Secrets lets YOU harness the Kinects powerful sensing capabilities for gaming, science, multimedia projects, and a mind-boggling array of other applications on platforms running Windows, Mac, OS, and Linux.Dr. Andrew Davison, a user interface programming expert, delivers exclusive coverage of how to program the Kinect sensor with the lava wrappers for OpenNI and NITE, which are APIs created by PrimeSense, the primary developers of the Kinects technology.Beginning with the basics--depth imaging, 3D point clouds, skeletal tracking, and hand gestures--the book examines many other topics, including Kinect gaming, FAAST-style gestures that arent part of standard NITE, motion detection using OpenCV, how to create gesture-driven GUIs, accessing the Kinects motor and accelerometer, and other tips and techniques.Inside:Free open source APIs to let you develop amazing Kinect hacks for commercial or private useFull coverage of depth detection, camera, and infrared imaging point clouds; Kinect gaming, 3D programming, gesture-based GUIs, and moreOnline access to detailed code examples on the authors web site, plus bonus chapters on speech recognition, beamforming, and other exotica

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