He never kissed - not in the usual sense. He said there were other ways to express how you felt about a woman. He called it kissing velvet. An ambitious businesswoman discovers a capacity for submission when her new accountant initiates her into the secrets of silk bondage - and introduces her to his impressive collection of antique whips... A woman with a passion for tango meets a mysterious stranger who recognises in her a special ability to follow a master completely... An exhibitionist with a penchant for erotic games answers a contact ad over the Internet with unexpected results... An unusual health farm subjects its guests to an unorthodox method for quitting smoking... A writer of erotica dreams of finding her perfect lover and encounters a magician who will explore and test the limits of her imagination in the pursuit of pleasure... Kissing Velvet - a new collection of sensual and seductive tales celebrating the hidden delights of female submission.

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