Have you always wanted to knit? Know the basics, but youre looking to stretch your knitting skills? Knitting Patterns For Dummies is chock-full of simple instructions and easy-to-follow patterns to help you create a wide range of classic, beautiful knits for the whole family, from clothing to household items to gift ideas. This fun, friendly guide gives you scores of new ways to have fun with needles and yarn, with great projects such as basic ponchos and pullovers, felted bags and slippers, cabled sweaters, and home and baby accessories, to name a few. You get step-by-step instructions for all the patterns in the book, along with line drawings and 8 pages of full-color photos to guide you. And, with the variations added at the end of many of the patterns, youll have almost 100 projects to choose from! Youll discover how to:Select the right yarn and needlesDecipher knitting lingoMeasure your gauge, read a pattern, and understand garment sizingWork with common stitches, such as the stockinette, garter seed, box, and half linenHandle ribbing, cabling, and knitting laceWork with patterns with rectangles, circles, and trianglesUse colorful stitches such as the Stripes, Fair Isle, and MosaicJoin shapes together in your designCreate different textures and add color throughout a piece or just as accentsYoull also find ten things you can knit with that arent yarn or needles, as well as plenty of tips for caring for your knits once theyre complete. From beanies to bags to blankets, Knitting Patterns For Dummies has it alleverything you need to pick up your sticks and get creative right away!

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