This is the first book to examine in full the interconnections between Giambattista Vicos new science and James Joyces Finnegans Wake. Maintaining that Joyce is the greatest modern interpreter of Vico, Donald Phillip Verene demonstrates how images from Joyces work offer keys to Vicos philosophy. Verene presents the entire course of Vicos philosophical thought as it develops in his major works, with Joyces words and insights serving as a guide.The book devotes a chapter to each period of Vicos thought, from his early orations on education to his anti-Cartesian metaphysics and his conception of universal law, culminating in his new science of the history of nations. Verene analyzes Vicos major works, including all three editions of the New Science. The volume also features a detailed chronology of the philosophers career, historical illustrations related to his works, and an extensive bibliography of Vico scholarship and all English translations of his writings.

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