Kusanagi, the priceless sword of the Japanese crown jewels, that must be at the coronation of every Japanese emperor, is missing.Danny, a Navy SEAL out of his element, is in London to sell a precious artefact - a gold ingot from an ancient sea wreck off the coast of Japan.Jim Evans, retired whizz kid trader, is young and impossibly rich. Through a chance meeting in a London auction house with Danny he acquires the gold ingot and realises it is just the tip of a huge medieval fortune.To Akira Nakabashi, curator of the Japanese Imperial treasures, the gold ingot represents the key to his life, the honour of his family and the future of his country.In downtown Tokyo, Basho Kim's vast property empire is about to implode and he will go to any lengths to obtain the fortune he needs to save it.Fate, ambition and greed come together in the search for Kusanagi - a prize of such incalculable value that it carves a trail of destruction from Tokyo to London to all those who covet it.

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