Prada. Sophia Loren. Prosecco for due. From fettucine to fashion and back again, nobody does La Bella Vita like the Italians. Whether preparing a meal, sculpting the David, or seducing a lover, Italians take their time, and do it right! In this bellissimo primer, Romans Aminda Leigh and Pietro Pesce show you how to achieve that sensual perfection in everything you do, leading you on a journey through the five senses: Sight (vista)--Toss the shabby, shapeless clothes! Italians take meticulous care of their appearance and are always fashionable; Sound (udito)--Act like an Italian; emphasize the positive whenever possible; Touch (tatto)--Touch like Italians do-double-kiss, hold hands, and gesticulate!; Smell (olfatto)--Take a ride on an Italian motorbike and pay attention to the scents of your environment-the sea air, a coffee shop, a flower garden; Taste (gusto)--Don't inhale a heavy dinner; savor a leisurely home-cooked meal! La Bella Vita is the crash course in Italian living every Italophile can indulge in, pronto!

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