The IGBP Land Use Land Cover Change program ended in November 2005 with sessions at the IHDP 6th Open Meeting in Bonn. This book is based on a session at that meeting convened by the editors, and presents other important topics and areas. Included are chapters based on papers presented at this meeting and invited contributions that cover important geographical and thematic issues not addressed at the meeting. In particular, there will be a balance between old agricultural regions (eg. Mediterranean, Indo-Gangetic Plains, Andes, Southern Africa, and upland Southeast Asia) and regions recently converted to agriculture, for example, the Brazilian Cerrado, the Yucatan Penninsula, and Bolivian Chapare. Systematic themes to be explored in this book include the impacts of trade liberalisation, the impacts of narcotics as crops, technological change, new regionally based agricultural organizations, migration impacts on agricultural land use, and agricultural intensification.

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