Outnumbered. Outgunned. And running out of time. Meet Paul Tallis - a spy for the 21st Century Fearing an undercover agent working in Chechnya has gone rogue, MI6 look to off-the-books spook Paul Tallis for help. Tallis is ready for the challenge - then he learns the missing operative is his old school friend, Graham Darke. With intelligence confirming a threat to assassinate the Russian prime minister, Tallis must infiltrate a rebel movement and reach Darke before Anglo-Russian relations are permanently destroyed. But confronted with the reality of the Chechen struggle, Tallis faces an impossible moral choice: bring in Darke and prevent an international crisis, or protect a man fighting for the forgotten innocents. For fans of ROBERT LUDLUM, GERALD SEYMOUR and JOHN LE CARRE, this is a must read.

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