'Language of Migration:' Self-' and' Other-'Representation of Korean Migrants in Germany' analyzes a variety of genres that depict Korean migration in Germany - namely, newspaper articles, autobiographical narratives, and documentaries - and deconstructs the language of these texts to provide a more layered picture of the discursively constructed identities of this particular group. By applying methods of media analysis, Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA), and postcolonial theory to the present intertextual and interdiscursive data, colonial discursive practices in 'Other'-representations of Koreans in the German media and postcolonial forms of resistance in 'Self'-representations of Koreans in autobiographical narratives in the German language are identified. In the past, research on migration and research on migrant literature were separate entities with little opportunity to cross. In this book, these two are brought together in order to examine both sides of the discursive coin.

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