Cyril Weir provides an innovative approach to language testing which is comprehensive and accessible to MA students in Applied Linguistics, TESOL and EFL, and to practising language teachers. Teachers need a framework of questions to enable them to interpret scores on tests accurately, Students' motivation, progress and life chances may be greatly affected by their language examination results. This innovative evidence-based approach offers teachers a solid theoretical and practical base which will empower them critically to evaluate both their own tests devised for the classroom and those provided by Examination Boards. Part 1 maps out the types of validation evidence needed to give confidence that the results of performance on a test provide an accurate picture of the underlying abilities or constructs that are being measured. Part 2 examines real examples and procedures taken from tests around the world and provides an evidence-based validity framwork for asking questions of any exam or form of assessment. In Part 3 a number of research activities, large and small-scale, are suggested for generating data on whether a test matches up to the various criteria in the framework. This will be particularly useful to MA/professional teaching students undertaking researrh as part of their studies, or to practising teachers keen to put the framework into action. Part 4 backs up the discussion of research and practice with information on key electronic and paper-based resources.

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