CHARLIE HILL, straight-A student, straight-A geek, and Most Likely to Be a Human Squid for the Rest of His Life, is having a bad day. The worst. All he wants to do is make it through school without being on the receiving end of a beating from Leo Gonzalez, but things don't turn out exactly the way he planned. Just as Leo is about to rip his face off, Charlie's ex-best friend Jake pulls up in their principal's bright red '67 Mustang. Charlie has to choose between a broken nose and the risk of a lifetime, and for the first time in his life, he decides to take a chance. Now Charlie and Jake are off on the open road. And when their journey of a thousand miles ends in a courtroom far from home, Charlie will have to make the most difficult decision of all. Debut novelist Scott William Carter writes a stunning book about two boys on a road trip that will keep readers turning the pages from the powerful opening line to the last compelling page.

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