Wealth, power, charm-they have it all. What else could these handsome Greek tycoons need? Brides...? Leon Aristides believes in family, so when he hears his sister has died and left a tiny son, he tracks down the woman looking after the boy and insists she marries him! But Helen wants more than a protector or an incredible lover... Self-made billionaire Alexander Kosta sees feisty pint-sized beauty Ellie Mendoras as a thorn in his side when it comes to his plans for the island of Lefkis, a firecracker who needs to be tamed...and he's just the man to do it! When she inherited her family's business empire Tracey Von Axel went to Nikos Lazaridis with a proposition; the Greek billionaire agreed to teach her how to win her boardroom battles but he'd do it by taking her right back to basics...

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