Stop thinking about profits and start thinking about how to create better experiences. Lead With Your Heart is about changing the way you do business. It introduces a business model that will result in growth, revenues and profits and a better world in which to do business, work and live. It is written to inspire executives, managers and entrepreneurs to invest in this way of doing business and make it the first step to changing the world we live in. Learn how to meet and exceed other people's wants, needs. Discover how to put people first - not profits - to create happiness and deliver products and services people want and need at prices that deliver value. Lead With Your Heart will shake you up with strategies and ideas that require total commitment from you and everyone in your business. In 11 chapters, the book paints a picture of what happiness is from a business perspective. Topics include: Measuring business success; Building your business; Building a powerful brand; Strategic plans that work; Sales and marketing that work; Doing the right thing; You can change the world. Author Lewis Green knows this business model works. He points to Starbuck's, Hewlett-Packard, Johnson & Johnson, 3M and Wells Fargo as examples of corporation that have implemented many parts of it and are among America's most successful businesses

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