A timely and powerful book focusing on the importance of combining an economic system with moral values. Born out of a decade of discussion and collaboration between an international management consultant and the head of state and spiritual leader of Tibet, The Leader's Way is an inspiring manifesto for leading change which can have an impact at every level. To deal with the world's economic and environmental problems requires a different kind of leadership which see things as they really are and understands the interconnectedness between companies and countries and the world as a whole. The Leader's Way contains not only fascinating anecdotes from His Holiness the Dalai Lama, including his meetings with Mao, but also a timely and powerful focus on the importance of combining an economic system with moral values. "As a study of Buddhism and its relevance to globalisation, it has a lot to say. It applies the concepts of Buddhism to business: decision-making using concepts such as 'the Right Way', interdependence and impermanence. To simplify, it's a Hippocratic, do-no-harm creed: companies should have integrity, leaders mindfulness, to act for the greatest good. Many readers will value it. There's much to learn." -- Director "Examines capitalism and Buddhism in a fascinating way; and adds a valuable dimension to the values and ethical standards that form the basis for responsible leadership in business." -- Professor C.O. Herkstrter, former CEO of Shell and Chairman of the Board of ING

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